Fondation Baron Simonart

Board of trustees

The Foundation is governed by a Board composed of the founder’s descendants on the one hand and of professors and professors emeritus from the UCL and the KU Leuven in equal number on the other.


Baron Hubert Simonart

Vice President

Marie-Noelle Simonart

Members of the Board of Trustees

Professor Chris Van Geet
Vice rector of the Biomedical Sciences Group
KU Leuven

Professor Minne Casteels
Professor of Pharmacology and Honorary Vice-Rector
KU Leuven

Professor Jean-Marie Maloteaux
Professor of Pharmacology and Head of the Department of Neurology
Faculty of Medicine - UCL

Professor Yves Pirson
Professor and Associate Head of the Department of Nephrology
Faculty of Medicine - UCL

Marie-Laure Simonart

Marie-Hélène Simonart

Deputy members of the Board

Professor Emmanuel Hermans
Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biomedical sciences UCL
Professor of Pharmacology

Professor Frédéric Houssiau
Vice rector of the Health Sciences Sector
Professor at the Université catholique de Louvain

Patricia Simonart

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